Customer Reviews

‘I was treading water with my business and knew I needed some help.

Having been sceptical about coaching historically, Hazel came highly recommended to me. I have to say that Hazel’s coaching has been somewhat of a revelation. 

After only 4 sessions I have already had very positive outcome that wouldn’t have happened had Hazel not coached me.

This has helped me take my business to the next level and no doubt it could wonders for you too’.

Richard Whitworth 
Whitworth Financial Planning

I just wanted to write a few words about how much you have helped me in the past few months since you’ve been my coach. I had always been interested in the prospect of coaching, but had never taken the leap to actually invest in myself. I can honestly say it’s one of the best investments I have made since I started running Jacob Roberts.

2020 was a very successful year for our business, but on a personal level I found it all a bit much for me to cope with and towards the end of the year I was definitely on my way to burn out. I decided to take on an office manager, and I also signed up for your coaching course. I have never felt more in control than I do now. We have our session on a Tuesday and it is great to have one solid hour to focus on me and what I want/need instead of what my family or my business want/need. At the end of every session I have clear goals for what I want to achieve, be it that week that month or that year and I feel I’m always working towards something meaningful instead of focusing my attention in the wrong places. You have helped me see that I’m not struggling as much as I sometimes feel I am, and that in these crazy times I can still be the boss lady, mum and wife that I aspire to be!

I would encourage anybody who is considering coaching to give it a go, you will regain control of your life and know exactly where you are headed. Thank you Hazel! Is it Tuesday yet?!

Catherine Guinan
Jacob Roberts

Hazel is consistent.

Hazel is clear.

Hazel really cares.

Hazel doesn't claim to know everything or anything about your business. If that's your objective you need a business plan before you need a coach.

I meet Hazel fortnightly and she helps me organise my thoughts.  Right now i feel like I'm spinning plates.  She helps keep them spinning and avoid them falling to the ground and smashing to pieces.

I have a clear objective from every session.

Whether already successful or with early objectives in mind, I'd recommend Hazel and Headsail Coaching for clarity.  It's helping give my business the lift it needs!

Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis Band

Hazel helped me reach those aha moments after being stuck in a rut.  She challenged me on the hurdles I was allowing to get in my way when starting my own business.  
Hazel is an experienced coach and helped me gain clarity and direction that I needed to launch my business, while instilling a strong belief in me that anything is possible.

Natalie Gray
Natalie Gray Coaching