• Hazel Cole

How Confident are you that you can achieve your goals in 2021?

Here at Headsail Coaching, we read a lot about the goals set by businesses. Research by Clutch reveals that 95% of small businesses failed to reach their goals in 2019 and honestly, this figure doesn’t surprise me, because in my experience goals are similar to the resolutions we set when optimism strikes anew at the beginning of the year! Setting them is not the issue, achieving them is!

A further statistic published by Clutch, claims that 77% of small businesses feel confident in their ability to execute their goals, and yet only 5% have realised them, which begs the question, where is the gap?

The first problem is that often, the goals are not aligned to the business’s vision. Your goals should directly support your vision, and every objective should feel like a steppingstone towards achieving that vision which you and your business truly aspire to. Every initiative and project, all daily activities and habits should align with what is important to you and your company. If you have employees, communicate the goals clearly to them. People want to know that what they do matters, so connecting daily tasks and projects to the goals is key to keeping your team engaged.

Understand the “Why” behind every goal. Headsail Coaching will help you to keep digging until you get to the core, until you can answer “why is this goal important to me and to my company”? This will help making difficult decisions easier and motivate you when faced with obstacles and challenges along the way. The more reasons you have for achieving your goals, the more likely you hare to do the things required to achieve them. Simon Sinek explains in his book “Start With Why”, how businesses who understand their Why are the only businesses that will survive in the long term. It is critical that every goal set, keeps that Why at the centre.

Set hefty goals, not simply achievable, “box-ticking” objectives. Research has shown that undertaking more difficult change and setting more difficult goals increases your chance of success. Asking the questions, “What if we did this”? “What if we took that risk”? In other words, push yourself outside of your comfort zone. It truly is where the magic happens!

Frame the goal positively, and always looking forward. Keep a detailed image of the goal being achieved in your mind and always work towards that, do not focus on moving away from a negative. Like a pilot should concentrate on staying in the air rather than avoiding the trees! Otherwise the trees become the target!

Review the actions taken regularly to evaluate how effective they are in moving you towards your company vision and realign if necessary. Share the progress with your team so that they can see the impact their hard working is making.

2020 has forced us all to pivot and adapt quickly in order to survive both personally and professionally– what is your vision for 2021? For many companies, shifting from survival mode into growth mode may be daunting but positioning your company for the future by setting effective goals can make all the difference.

How will you hold yourself and your goals accountable? There are many avenues, your network, your friends or by coaching.

Coaching will help every step of the way when setting and achieving goals. A good coach will spend time helping you define a very clear Vision for you and your business. Through questioning and challenging a coach will create the self-awareness needed to identify any gaps there might be to achieving the goals and become the accountability partner needed to keep you on track.

Keep moving towards that Vision, it does not matter how big or small the steps are, as long as you are moving in the right direction. Together, we can make the journey a little easier!

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