• Hazel Cole

Compete only with your previous self!

I grew up in a family of boys, and a family of talented boys at that!

My older brother apparently sang Mull of Kintyre in a room full of people on his first birthday and was writing short stories by 7. The others excelled at sports and school, filling a glass cabinet with cups and trophies and a wall with qualifications and awards.

I was OK at school and fair to middling (as we say in Ireland) at sports.

But I felt I was constantly compared to the boys and always felt I fell short.

Years later, following a promotion at work, my older brother rang me to congratulate me and tell me how proud he was of me, and in that instant I realised, that up until then, I had been trying to compete on not only my brothers’ “playing field”, but everyone else’s! Never once considering that my accomplishments stood on their own.

I had formed this belief as a child, with a child’s simple perspective, and yet I had carried it into adulthood.

It was also apparent that I had been the only one thinking of this as a competition and the realisation that if I had put as much effort into developing my own talents as I had into competing and feeling defeated, I could have accomplished so much more and had a lot more joy in my life.

This is why my mission is to help my clients to recognise their own unlimited potential, their own talents. Learn to chase their dreams instead of someone else’s, because if they are constantly competing in someone else’s arena they may never see the infinite number of things that might make them so much happier.

Define your own success by how it makes you feel and by how fulfilled you are. Compete with nobody but yourself because in the words of Steve Jobs “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.

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